Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Oh Sunny Day

It's the most beautiful day here in Brooklyn! It feels like a warm fall day - even better than a summer day in my book. Bright blue sky, no humidity (finally!) and sunny sunny everywhere. I'm loving it. And to help capture the moment, I'm drying John's shirts outside:

and also noticing Kinglsey's more milk chocloately face these days. Here she is giving me lip:

After complaining to a fellow dog-friend this morning at Gorilla Coffee about Kinglsey's all-of-a-sudden-obsession with my nice shoes, she said that bad dogs have to be cute or else we just couldn't put up with them. I laughed - then realized the joke was on me when I was uncomfortable with her saying "bad dog," like it was a "bad word."

Going to Long Island tonight to pick up the letterpress! More on that tomorrow.

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