Monday, March 10, 2008

Les Cochons

I was in Napa Valley this weekend with my girlfriends - which was such a treat! Among the many amazing places we visited, the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena was pretty spectacular. Located in a 100 and some year old monastery, this three story building is simply impressive. While we didn't see any cooking demonstrations, we did check out its extensive cookware shop. Like shopping for new new school supplies, I also enjoy perusing aisles of new cookware.

I was tempted to lug a few cookbooks back, but decided on this cool (and lightweight) Jill Butler-designed Les Cochons towel instead. Here we go with the pigs again...

They also had this cute pint glass - but we have so many, I'm afraid our shelves might come crashing down with any more. He is pretty cute though, huh? He is sold right here on Amazon too!

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Katie said...

Love the pig! Glad you are back :)