Thursday, March 26, 2009

With Thanks: People Stylewatch

Thanks to People Stylewatch for featuring our note cards in their Easy Eco piece! Many letterpress printers use soy-based inks. Perhaps too wordy for the spread is that the paper we use for our note cards is 100% wind-power produced and 100% carbon-neutral. And unrelated - but I just have to mention it - this is my favorite layout of our note cards in a publication. Often they are photographed alone and standing up - and sometimes the color is even off. Not here. I love the pattern play and overlapping of cards. I suppose that goes along with their "easy" look for the page - but I also think it highlights the cards nicely. Well done and thanks, People.


Tommy said...

I love to see great, responsible companies featured in the press. Way to go!!

Brittany said...

Is this in the newest issue? So exciting!