Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Advent Calendar Time!

Growing up, we had a little wooden tree sitting on our kitchen table with a little sleigh next to it that held 24 ornaments. Each day, we'd put a little ornament on one of the pegs on the tree. We all loved the ritual of it. Which one should I pick today? the little drum? or the toy soldier? Maybe the angel? And of course, it was a good lesson in taking turns:)

Over the weekend, our good friend and oh-I-can-just-whip-that-up-in-the-shop, Mat of Bellboy New York made us a temporary sliding door for our apartment - that is of course perfect & not the slab of scrap wood I said would do. We want to separate the kitchen/living area from the bedrooms (the hopefully sleeping baby is almost here!) but we can't make up our minds about what it should look like - all wood? should it have windows? or metal? maybe all cement? Too many options when you've got handy friends! So, Mat made us a temporary all-white door that I'm going to paint (thinking a tree pattern) & add little bags like the ones above from a Merry Mishap to create a big advent calendar for Griffin. Stickers one day, chapstick (his new obsession) the next, followed by a few markers - his mind will be blown. After Dec 25, my hope is to continue painting over it & make it a rotating canvas in our home until we finally get around to the real door - which I think may take a while!

Stay tuned for some door advent calendar pics!

[Photo courtesy of A Merry Mishap]

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Katie Hackworth said...

I just LOVE this! Too bad it's already December 8th!