Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leo Lionni

My fourth grade play was Tico and the Golden Wings. At the time, I had little-to-no idea where the play came from. As in, I thought my music teacher had made it up. I was so happy to see Julia had featured it on her blog recently and reminded me of the very talented work of Leo Lionni. If & when I have children, I want them to be surrounded by images like these.

[images courtesy of Book By Its Cover]


Anonymous said...

Oh! I hope you have children. You would make a lovely mother. marie-isabelle

Anonymous said...

omg Liz! I still have our Tico performance on VHS, its one of my favorites as I was Tico in the fourth act and it was the highlight of my acting career ;) (btw, it may have been first or second grade as I remember performing on the little stage in the assembly room)

Thanks for the memory!