Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog Love: Eating is Art

I found Eating is Art from Katy Elliott & frolic! and I am hooked. Designer/blogger Tricia has opened my eyes to a new way to look at food. She has an 'eating design' studio called Taste Matters. (Tricia describes eating design as using food to communicate stories, ideas, or messages.) One of my favorite projects was her recent Favorite series, where she chooses a person (living, not-living, fictional, real, present or not present) and creates a full sensory experience relating that person and food. She chose her brother for this one. It's very touching. I highly recommend reading more here.

[all photos courtesy of Eating is Art]


chelsea said...

Isn't she lovely? I loved the post about her brother.

Anonymous said...

That was really neat about her brother and the sandwich. It would have made a neat silent video. I just had a croissant at my desk and I have crumbs all over the place. This being typical of how I eat caused me to think of my boyfriend who is also a messy eater, but last night when we were sharing dinner we were making crumbs from a Nigerian meal he cooked. I think taking pictures of the area where a meal has been consumed could be quite revealing about both the occasion of the meal and the different personalities that were sharing it. hmmm marie-isabelle

Tricia said...

Thank you for this lovely post!