Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet Tooth: Milk Bar

Calling all sweet tooths (or is it teeth?) in the New York City area - head to Milk Bar stat. My sisters and I went here on Sunday, and I found myself in my own little Willy Wonka factory - but circa 2009 and way better. I will let some of the menu items speak for themselves - and then you can walk yourself over there and waddle yourself home: blondie pumpkin pie, candy bar pie, crack pie, cornflake-marshmallow-chocolate chip cookie, compost cookie, corn cookie, cereal milk. Need I say more.

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Katie Coulson said...

I could have a corn cookie and some cereal milk for breakfast! YUM!

southern daze said...

YUM! I'm definitely adding this to my "must do" list for the next time we visit NYC.

What did you sample???

glam.spoon said...

crack pie??? oh my goodness. :)

Tommy said...

Wow. After a month of being "off sugar," I went back on Monday...and my goodness...this place seems to be right up my alley. If only I could get there!