Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Checking In at 9 Weeks


Louise was 9 weeks old yesterday, and I can finally say that we are slooooowly coming back to life. (I want to add like a hundred more o's in that "slowly", but you probably wouldn't be able to read it as a word. Just so you know.)

Griffin gave his little sister the gift of germs at five weeks old. Which was really fun for Mom & Dad. She visited the ER twice, had her first x-ray and was put on antibiotics to prevent the fluid in her lungs from harboring any bacteria. It was a pretty trying & scary time - sucking mucus from her nostrils, keeping her upright, visiting the doctor. But we got through it, sleep-deprived and over-caffinated.

And now I'm thrilled to say we're out of those deep dark woods. Our healthy little chunkster is the happy little girl we started seeing glimmers of at four weeks - smiling, eating, sleeping, pooping, burping. All those things babies do best. Makes me so happy to see her thriving after being so fragile there for a while.

So that's the update from here. More (happy & healthy ones) to come. A photo above from the weekend, where Louise fell asleep in my arms waiting for her bath. Pretty good little life, Miss Louise. Your Mommy loves you, even though you scared the bejesus out of her.


Anonymous said...

didn't realize Louise was having a bout with the bug. Sooooo glad to hear that you are all well. Keep us posted. She looks beautiful and you do too. Motherhood becomes you. Take care. talk to you soon. Love A.Lorraine

Tommy said...