Monday, March 11, 2013

Eating Oysters

I wouldn't touch an oyster. Okay, I'd touch it. With my fingertip. But I will not eat it. No interest. Not even dressed up in hot sauce or baked with breadcrumbs. My dad used to say that you could dunk a dirty sock in cocktail sauce & it would taste great. I'm not buying it. But Griffin loves oysters. Here, he & Daddy sprinkle on the breadcrumbs before baking them. At almost two & a half, he's a more mature eater than his wuss mommy :)


jane said...

i used to be a liz, but i've converted to loving oysters. some day you should load up on cocktail sauce and give it a go.

Kathryn Sall said...

he is HUGE! what a little man!!!!!