Thursday, September 18, 2008


So we're in LA, the land where celebrities are around every corner - or at least that's my Hills/Entourage/Rachel Zoe Project-skewed impression. After landing & promptly heading to Ikea for some heavy stuff we couldn't bring on the plane, we stopped into an Italian restaurant around the corner from our hotel and sat next to Pauly Shore. LA truth #1... check.

We head up to the hills this morning to set up for the Style Lounge - where we were told absolutely no dogs are allowed - which "includes lap dogs or any pet carried in a purse." Thank you Paris Hilton. LA truth #2... check.

We are so in LA.

[disclaimer: Pauly was not dressed like this last night. He looked, well, normal.]


Project Ecoart said...

Too funny and too true :)
Come out to Malibu some time for more of the same...just a little crazier!

Dorothy Spornak said...

I am so jealous! I love the weez! I was in Cali for 3 weeks and only saw....Carrot Top. Boo.

Tommy said...

Hilarious! It's like a foreign country.