Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well done, J. Crew

I don't know who the talented people are over there at J. Crew these days - but man, are they good. While trying to find some online sales this weekend, I checked out J. Crew and was immediately captivated by this video on their homepage. It reminds me of the ones Kate & Andy Spade do. I think this additional layer to their catalog/online still shots is brilliant. And the Sunny Sunday song by Leona Naess is now a new favorite.
The top two photos are stills from the video. The third is a set of photos I pulled from their look book. I love the compostion of that square shot. And the colors could not be better.


Leigh said...

The Fall collections at J.Crew have always been my favorite. I am really looking forward to the winter and holiday collections. The videos on the website get better! I remember that last year's holiday videos were so magical and truly got me in the spirit of the season.

Tommy said...

I used to be addicted to J.Crew catalogs about 8 years ago (in high school), and I still have some of the first clothes I ever bought from there. Although I'm much busier (and thriftier now that it's my own money!), I still get a little twinge of excitement when the fall and winter catalogs arrive. It's all so beautifully shot. In fact, I kept some of the catalogs from my high school days so I could look back and remember some good times. Thanks for sharing, Liz!