Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Up Up & Away

I apologize in advance for all you paper-loving people out there... the rest of this week's blog and into next will be playing a very different tune as we prepare for the Ironman this Sunday. Eight months of training - and here we are, five days out. We leave for Arizona this morning and will be working from out there as much as possible while Jen holds down the fort back here in Brooklyn. I've had some serious butterflies fluttering around in my stomach for the past week as I started to set aside my clothes for the trip. I cannot believe it's finally here! Woa, deeeeeeep breath.

How great are these drawings above? They're from a poster that John's sister & her family sent us. So nice! Thanks, you guys!!!

More from sunny Arizona to come.


Sarah :: Wedding Hub Event Planning said...

Hope you brought your shorts...It is warm and sunny! :-)

Alicia said...

Yay - good luck to both of you!!! My friend did Florida a few weeks ago & had a'll be awesome!

Kathryn sall said...


Tommy said...

Best of luck! Don't forget the lip balm. Those pictures are super motivational. :)