Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Joy & Merry

It's 80 thousand degrees outside & I'm thinking about the holidays. This freaks me out every year. How it can it really be time already?! But before you know it, you're going to walk into your drug store with flip flops, a tank top & spf 50 on your face, and find yourself surrounded by aisle upon aisle of red & green glittered cards & candy. Maybe even a dancing Santa if you're lucky. And overhead, you'll hear "thumpety, thump, thump, thumpety, thump, thump, look at Frosty gooooooo." Ahhh, Frosty, what I wouldn't give to feel like you right now.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

You're so right. It doesn't even begin to get chilly here until November, and by that time, stores are pretty much in Valentine's mode. :)