Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Very Own Vegetables!

The vegetable garden out back is exploding. Above is our harvest from yesterday. We have been giving a bunch away, but yesterday, we had so many cucumbers that John decided to try pickling half of them. If they taste as good as they look, I'll be sure to post.

And a couple weeks ago, we had a zucchini - or a zucchini baby as we called it:)

Anyone have any good cucumber recipes?


sk said...

There is a very tasty tzatziki recipe over on Everyone Likes Sandwiches

Jennifer said...

not really a recipe but I've been making cucumber water and its the most perfect drink for summer (especially for us preggers)

Jane said...

Wow! Our tomatoes in the backyard here in Brooklyn have been struggling. Glad to see someone is having a successful harvest! Good work.

We used a bread and butter pickle recipe from Jillicious Discoveries blog. And I have been dying to try cucumber soup: