Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Quite Calligraphy

I took a calligraphy class at NYU Continuing Edu. shortly after moving to New York because I thought it would be cool and I have a thing for handwriting. But I was disappointed. The 45 degree angle of the nib, the lined paper we all used in kindergarden, the precise spacing of letters and making sure all the repeating letters were the same size and shape. Ugh. I couldn't deal. It was way too uptight for me. Afterall, I'm the art major who used plungers in her year-long senior thesis! I'm all for having a vision and seeing that through, I just don't need every single movement of the hand to be so painfully calculated.

(side note - I had no idea I had such strong feelings against this calligraphy class until three seconds ago when I finished that above paragraph. geez.)

So - I've decided to get out the old India Ink again and give it another whirl with the calligraphy pen. On my terms this time. And it's so much more fun! I love the stark contrast of india ink on white paper. And the ink blots that occur from - wait for it - having too much ink on the nib! My teacher would have me doing 100 rows of a's right now. Forget it! This is way more me.


Jane said...

oh, i like this so much more because your personality shines through. i'm still attempting to learn spencerian script, but get annoyed because i cannot make it look like the model.

ps your handwriting is cool!

Chelsea said...

Isn't it so great to break the rules? I'll take organic-looking, casual writing over calligraphy any day. yours looks awesome!

marie-isabelle said...

I miss you! That entry was so Liz. I can't describe why. ;)

Bree said...

i completely feel your pain, i have had the same issues, but i want to be able to do it so badly!

Liz Libré said...

Jane, I think you're right - it's all about expressing one's personality. But I think I need to keep practicing to make it look like a fun personality and not a crazy messy one!