Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Happy Friday

This week has flown by. We had our meetings with the wonderful people of Kate's Paperie, tried on wetsuits for our upcoming Ironman (that was a treat), decided on some fun giveaways for a gifting suite we're doing next month in LA, and have nearly finished our holiday line. Oh, and that small decision to stay in Brooklyn for a while longer:) We've got lots of exciting things coming up next week, including a small unveiling of some of our recent social stationery projects, a magazine shout out, and if all goes well, the very first L&H contest. And of course - the first days of September - my favorite of all the months. So stay tuned and have a great holiday weekend!

[photo of our staircase & the great old wall covering I refuse to touch]


Jane said...

can't wait for next week!

enjoy the holiday weekend ....

Jenny said...

it's so exciting to watch you guys continuously grow and achieve success. Good Luck with all your upcoming "things"!