Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Shop: mac & murphy

I have only been to Charleston, South Carolina once when I was little - but I have been craving a visit down south these days. Maybe it's really a craving for warmer weather. (What is going on with this cold?!) Anyway - mac & murphy is a new stationery store that just opened in Charleston and looks pretty darn cute. I especially love the little back patio where you can sit and write letters. Such a great idea! Grab a friend, buy some cards, sit in a nice setting and write thank yous til your hand hurts. Sounds perfect.


jane said...

how funny .... this is on my list of "charleston to do's" as well!

(charleston weather sounds perfect right about now.)

southern daze said...

What a lovely concept! That it's in Charleston is just icing on the cake (I love Charleston!)

Tommy said...

What great pictures! I wish their website were functional, but I will definitely check back soon. Thanks for sharing. (It's not super warm down South just yet, though. I'm still in sweaters, albeit cotton ones.)

Anonymous said...

mac & murphy just had the opening celebration and it was a great success! Linda & Harriett was the favorite among everyone!

Check out the website:

Hope to see everyone on their next trip to Charleston!

Liz & Ami
mac & murphy