Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update on Marcy

Turns out Marcy is actually "Yodi" and is a Presa Canario, not a pitbull. Shockingly, she does have an owner - a guy who trains guard dogs. Somehow the dogs got out. I don't quite understand it myself - that's why I plan to find out why these dogs were so underfed, smelled more than they should, and seemingly had not been to a vet in a very long time. Case is not closed, but I wanted to update you, since we no longer have her here.


Kelly said...

i'm so glad that your following up and on the case! something just doesn't sound right about that situation. keep us posted!


Maddio said...

Yes, please let us know! Something isn't adding up there, for sure.

Tommy said...

Ditto to what these ladies have said. Stay on the trail!