Tuesday, May 6, 2008


we have a rug! I'm so excited that we were able to get a rug at the sample sale yesterday! I really loved this two-tone pink one, but since it's going to be in our apartment after the show, John was less than thrilled about a pink rug. Lucky for him they had my other favorite - and in a more neutral color - which also happened to be a lot cheaper too. Who gets this excited over a rug?? This reminds me of when I was planning my wedding. I was in B&J Fabrics choosing the fabric for our table coverings for hours & hours - at least a whole afternoon. My dress? First one I tried on. My hair? Didn't try anything until the morning of. (A little piece of advice to you brides to be - all those hair trials they talk about - DO IT. My 'pull back and pin' method didn't really cut it - especially when you've got a dad who likes to twirl.)

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