Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A new note card: Birches

When I was at Bates, I would drive along this windy road to get to Vermont a few times a year - to either visit my friend Bird at UVM or to play Middlebury in lacrosse. There is this one stretch in Vermont where you are completely surrounded by birch trees, and it's magical. I looked forward to it every time we passed through there. And while running in Prospect Park a couple of months ago, I noticed how the white line on the road had these deep dark cracks in it that reminded me of these birch trees. Sadly, it's concrete, not birch trees at all! But I was happy to think that although it was perhaps a stretch, my little concrete jungle had just reminded me of the Vermont birch trees I loved so much.

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Chelsea said...

I love this design! I remember birch trees from my childhood in NH. Most specifically the a lane of birch trees at the Augustus Saint-Gaudens house in Cornish.