Friday, May 9, 2008

Show Prep

We're prepping for the show over here at L&H. I was laying out invitations yesterday on my new work table. It's a door we found in our building and have propped it up on saw horses. We just had a piece of glass cut for it too - but we need to take the door knob off before we assemble it. We'll be bringing it to the show with us. We may just have to bring a peony or two too. I'm trying very hard not to girl-out the booth. Not that I'm a super girly girl in the first place - but I really did like the pink rug. So no pink rugs - check. But flowers - I have to have them. Especially peonies. They smell so good, are the perfect touch of pink - and just make me so happy. All good things for long days.

1 comment:

marie-isabella said...

You are too a girlie gal! :) I, m sure the booth will be gorgeous. You have impeccable taste. Bonne chance.