Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Little Big Sis!

When we were growing up - I was definitely the Big Sister. Katie was my shadow, and I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like it. So sad, but oh so true. Years & years later, the roles aren't as defined. She calls me every day - every single day, without fail. She took off work to help me launch my stationery line at the show last year and put in for time off 8 months ago for this year. She packs extra clothes when we go away because she knows I'll need to borrow something. And when I showed up to a dinner last week with her co-workers who I hadn't yet met, they knew all about me - like we'd been friends for years - and were loving their L&H notepads and calendars that Katie had given them. I may be older - but she's definitely the one who takes care of me, who looks out for me, who may still follow me, but only to make sure I'm okay - and then tell me to catch up.

Happy Birthday Sister! xoxo


Katie Coulson said...

Thanks! Ilove you :)

marie said...

happy belated Katie!