Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pretty Pretty Drywall

So I've gone from taking pictures of public bathroom interiors to... drywall. Naturally.

Pre-show, we were in Home Depot a lot. Looking at carpets, picking up homasote boards, small sheets of wood, a staple gun, light bulbs, etc. And you all know my thing for zig zags these days and how I'm seeing them everywhere. Well, drywall is apparently no exception. Look how great these colors are in the Home Depot drywall aisle? And you get up close and see that they're just staggered dimensions, logos and bar codes. And then on our way up to the Javitz Center, we saw this truck on the West Side Highway. Beautiful. It's amazing what you see when you're eyes are open to it.


diana @ please sir said...

Inspiration is everywhere - great photos!

marie said...

You are so cute! Your post made me smile.

seesaw designs said...

I have totally sat and admired drywall too.