Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mondays for Ironman

Now that we're in our "Build Phase" of our Ironman training, the volume of our exercise is increasing. Our weekends pretty much revolve around our long bike and run - which our friends and family love. And we're waking up even earlier to get more time in at the pool. We're not even into the "Peak Phase," and I already feel how much this training and this race is becoming a big part of our lives. I love it - and wouldn't change it - but I also feel like when I sit down to write my daily post, I feel the need to share it here - even though it's not really the right platform. But it's my blog and I'm going to do it anyway. So - from now on, every Monday (our rest days) will have some sort of Ironman-related content in some way. It's my goal to start taking a camera on our runs - you wouldn't believe how beautiful some parts of Brooklyn can be at 6am or 8pm. The light is just spectacular. So anyway - this is what I'd like to do. We'll see how it goes. I hope you enjoy it.

Above photo from Ironman South Africa - April, 2008.


Alicia said...

I was at a triathlon this weekend here in Boulder (spectating :-) and spoke to this awesome woman - she's 78 and has participated in 32 or 33 Ironmans & who knows how many shorter distance tris!
So neat & inspirational!! Have fun training...

Kristi said...

My brother's brother-in-law did the Lake Placid Ironman this weekend. He was very successful despite the horrible amounts of rain. Their driest part of the day was when they were in their wetsuits during the swim!

tracie said...

i've said it before ... but i think you are awesome for doing this!! such determination, sacrifice, endurance {both physically & mentally}!! be very proud of yourself ... and please do continue to post on it ... it's the best way for us to cheer you on! :)

Liz Libré said...

thank you!!! I need the support and I feel the need to share my experience.

Kristi - we were in LP for the Ironman. It was WET. We signed up for next year's race. We've completely lost our minds.

Tracie - I think you're my biggest fan. thank you!!