Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When we moved last year, we upgraded to a king size bed because we had the space in our new bedroom for it. (And because my 6'5" husband has never not had his feet hanging off the edge.) But I've been stalling on buying the bedding for it, mostly because I can't decide on a color. We used to have a white duvet that we paired with a an old quilt & colorful pillow cases. But I'm ready for some color. Our walls are a very pale green color. I'm inclined to go in either the red direction or the emerald green direction. Above are some of the patterns I've been eyeing. It helps me to lay them out like this to see what happens when you put them next to each other. They all seem kind of summery. Hmm, is that bad? I really am so ready for Spring!

[images top to bottom, left to right: John Robshaw Pepper quilt, Roberta Roller Rabbit quilt, Roberta Roller Rabbit quilt, John Robshaw sheets, Azure Fern sheets, Filigree Leaf sheets, Kerry Cassil pattern, John Robshaw Maya Sheets, and Kerry Cassil pattern]

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Lucky D said...

Jon Robshaw!!! He is the best! We have a duvet cover of his. Loves it! PS - Granny B says hi - we're up here in Chicago ;)