Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring into a New Wardrobe

I love the sneak peeks on design*sponge, but it's not often I want to move in. Until yesterday when I saw the New Hampshire home of Emerson & Ryan of Emersonmade. Pack your bags, John - and your bones, Kingsley. Simply put - it's gorg.

After seeing their home, I checked out their website which I hadn't been to in a while and spotted the perfect striped shirt on Emerson. It's spring (oh. yes. it. is!) and I'm coveting some new wardrobe additions like this one. I got my blue Sperrys the other day and along with this shirt, I'd be so ready for a cocktail cruise! :)

[photo courtesy of Emersonmade]


Jane Flanagan said...

I put together a similar style inspiration post over on ReadyMade a few weeks ago! http://readymade.com/blogs/fashion/2010/01/23/style-inspiration-striped-tee/

Anna/Quilted Giraffe said...

Yes! I had the same feeling looking at that Sneak Peak yesterday. Actually, I'd be happy just to move into her pantry!

Liz Libré said...

Jane -

Love that! Should have known LL Bean would have a good one. Thanks for the tip!


Tommy said...

I almost want that shirt for myself. :)