Monday, March 29, 2010


John was flying home last night and texted me from the runway that he had been watching Life on the Discovery Channel. So I tuned in & was hooked. (The narration by Oprah threw me a little, but having read about her relationship with Discovery, I wasn't totally surprised.) I love programs like this. The photography is exquisite. It transports you to these far off lands, in amazing proximity to, well, life. This Mammals episode, in particular, reminded me how incredibly similar we all are - the natural instinct & desire to procreate (as seen by the humpback whales risking their lives to pass along their genes), to protect our loved ones (as seen by the hienas warding off the lion enemies), and to survive (as seen by the day old elephant walking ten miles to water). It's a good one & is now on our DVR list. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't yet.

Catch Life on Sundays at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.

[photos of a an elephant calf (top) and fruit bats (bottom), courtesy of the Discovery Channel]


Meghan said...

I caught this last night and my mind was BLOWN. The shots that they were able to capture are absolutely incredible. Did you see that tiny fish that climbs rocks up a waterfall? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Watched with my 9 year old son last night and realized how lucky we are to have television like that - we learned alot - so glad they have made learning so amazing!

Tommy said...

I had not heard of this until now. Maybe I need to check it out as well. Those pictures are quite the advertisement.