Friday, March 12, 2010

From the Desk Fridays: 2011 Pantone Chips

Our annual calendar is hands down my favorite project of the year. I love the process involved with a bigger project like this - coming up with 12 unique designs that combine colors and images to serve as one piece. When I start thinking about our annual calendar in January, I write down each month in my notebook and jot down thoughts, images, or colors for each month. As I start fleshing out each one, I tape down the pantone chips so I can see if the colors make sense together or if there is an overuse of a certain color or is glaringly missing another.

I'm wrapping up our 2011 Calendar now and am still playing around with some of the colors. The color, to me, is just as important as the images and even as important as making sure the dates of the month are right. It's everything, really. And I really enjoy the process of tweaking colors until they match up just right. Really looking forward to being able to share more on the calendar in a couple months.

Have a great weekend!


peggy | bluepoolroad said...

can't wait to see it (and see you!) at the nss :)

Joanna said...

Thank you for this insight into your calendar-creating process. I love staring up at my 2010 calendar. I have all of them arranged on my cube wall at work and I get so many comments about how beautiful they all look. My 2010 already looks so bright thanks to you, and I look forward to what you come up with for 2011.

southern daze said...

I'm absolutely LOVING your 2010 calendar! Each month's illustration makes me smile and I've so enjoyed sharing them with friends after the month is over. Your post card option is GENIUS! Please tell me this will be a part of 2011 as well...{pretty please}.

Tommy said...

It seems so early to be thinking 2011 already, but I guess that makes sense. Masterpieces don't tend to happen overnight.

linda said...

I bought one of your 2010 calendars from cotton idea studio when i was visiting relatives last thanksgiving, and it's currently sitting on one of my shelves! your work is absolutely wonderful.

just wanted to share that tidbit. =)