Thursday, May 20, 2010

NSS 2010: Recap

This was my fourth year exhibiting at the NSS, and each year I'm completely exhausted and totally tapped out by the end. And thanks to this little nugget inside me, this year was by far the most tiring. When I got home at night, I went from partially horizontal (couch) to fully horizontal (bed) pretty quickly. So I apologize for not posting til now.

Here are a few shots of the booth. A little run down on the set up:
I drew a bike wheel pattern on the sign in pale gray and then screen-printed 'Linda & Harriett' in hot pink. I was going to use gray, but decided to spice it up at the last minute. On one wall, we had the 2011 Calendar, framed by vintage post cards - a nod to the post card element of the calendar. On the other wall, we had our Birthday Calendar, framed by overlapping strips of streamers. Running down the middle of the booth was our door table with potted succulents and some post card giveaways up front. We bring everything in our booth from home, including the foam core boards that I've had for four years. So since our expenses are relatively low, I justified splurging on a big spot light this year. I thought it was going to be too bright at first, but instead, I thought the booth felt vibrant & happy. And in a trade show setting with Kermit-colored carpeting and dim fluorescent lights that make a migraine-sufferer like me want to wear a bag over my head, the lighting in your booth is pretty key in showcasing not only the quality, but the mood of your work.

All in all, it was a good show. I wasn't sure how my new direction would be received, but retailers & press were really excited about both calendars, so I was a happy kid.

The most obvious difference this year compared to the last few (besides the new direction for L&H) was in writing this blog & my presence on Twitter. I had more people than ever coming in & saying they read the blog. I was so flattered! Plus, it made me feel like 1) I'm not writing this to just Tommy and Kristi and 2) that I don't work alone. Both great things. But it was the Twitter piece that really made the NSS experience feel different for me. I started tweeting shortly after last year's show when Vané told me I should. It's funny how 140 characters a couple times a day really enables you know to know someone - or at least a glimpse of them. When Chandra from GREER walked into the booth, we hugged. I feel like I've gotten to know this completely chill, wickedly funny mom over the last year that I otherwise would not have known. Same goes for Jen at the haystack needle, Jane at simple + pretty, Peggy at blue pool road, and Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper. Not having been on Twitter last year, I found that it really amped up the NSS buzz for me, too. People were planning days & times to visit, sharing booth numbers and posting photos of booth displays from the booths. It was a flurry of NSS action that I hadn't experienced before - and that felt really exciting.

So in my usual post-show-Thursday tradition, I'm taking the day off. I've promised my buddy & number one fan some good long walks & maybe a stop in her favorite store. I've booked my tired bod a massage (thanks, F&L!). And I hope to spend most of the day outside. Work can start on Friday:)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the L&H booth! It's meeting up with & meeting new fellow paper people that really make the show worth it & exciting for me.

And finally, a huuuuuge thank you to my get-it-done, out-of-my-way, I-can-do-anything sister Katie for being with me every day at the show, bringing me my favorite gummy snacks & making me peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (my favorite!) for lunch. A big thanks and kiss:) to John for helping me move in & set up - missing his nieces & nephews play because it took so long:( (Sorry, guys!) And to Mat & Lizzy for helping me take down the booth, slapping my hands if I lifted anything too heavy:) You guys are the best. I love you!


Maggie said...

The booth looked great and it was wonderful to meet you! Enjoy a little down time and congrats again!

Rebecca said...

I loved your booth and i loved meeting you as well. I know we hadn't "tweeted" much together, but i look forward to getting to know you more and following your new journey!

Tommy said...

Great post!! I'm glad you're not writing just to Kristi and me as well. That popsicle postcard is genius, as was your booth. Enjoy some well earned time off.

nole said...

Aw, thanks Liz! It's been so wonderful to get to know you better through our two blogs and twitter this past year! I couldn't agree more about all the positive show energy that was generated through twitter this year - I was practically buzzing with excitement by the time I got on the train up to NYC. I'm just sad I have to wait another year for our next stationery summer camp!