Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend in Photos: New Hampshire

We were up in New Hampshire this weekend (way up there) for a unique class I got John as a gift. Not wood working or screen printing, although he'd enjoy those too, but a one day rally racing experience at the Team O'Neil Rally School. (If you have a rally racing aficianado in your life, I'd highly recommend it. John was a pig in you-know-what.) So while he was driving with two feet and learning about the physics of spinning a car around a turn at 60mph, I took Kingsley on a nice little hike. It started out warm & dry, but by the end, we were trudging through snow! I was kicking myself for thinking my running shoes would cut it. Such a city girl! Kings had a blast & it was more than refreshing to get out & explore the woods a bit.

Hope you all had a great weekend. We've got some changes going on at L&H, but I'll wait to fill you in later this week.

[photos of the Bridal Veil Falls trail in NH]

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Tommy said...

Snow in New Hampshire. Floods in Nashville. It was an interesting weekend all around, I guess.