Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cake Stand Blue, Flour Sack, Snow Globe

I recently went to Lowe's to buy paint for my studio walls (I chose Surf) and fell in love with the names of the Martha Stewart paint colors. I couldn't get enough of them. John thought I was crazy when I met him in the light bulb aisle with a deck of these swatch cards. I couldn't leave some of these names behind to live in the fluorescent light saturated aisle of Lowe's forever! So I rescued as many as I could and have been waiting for the right day and right project.

Today is that day. It's my birthday. And the project is to fill this little alcove right near my desk. I was going to wallpaper the space, but now I've decided to paint the names of these colors in all black swirly letters, filling the entire nook. Can't wait to see how it turns out! Stayed tuned...

Just to give you an idea of why I'm crazy for these names and need to paint them on my walls:
Magnolia Blosson
Sleigh Bed
Bakery Box
Flower Bucket
Peony Red
Gingerbread Man
Chamois Cloth
Party Dress
Sugar Egg Pink

See what I mean??


janice said...

happy birthday! now i'm tempted to run down to the paint store myself. :)

Liz Libré said...

I just updated the post with more of the names - which I can't believe I left out the first time! I especially love the food-reference ones. Or maybe I'm hungry.

Lizzy said...

Are you painting to Feist? Do you love her yet? Happy birthday love! Did you see your face on our blog?

Jane said...

I'm like this with Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren paint color names ..... your solution sounds fun!

Liz Libré said...

Lizzy, your blog is looking great, sister!! Check her out folks: www.dakotamartin.blogspot.com And thanks for the birthday wishes!

Rebekah said...

We painted our living room Cake Stand Blue. It's so pretty!

Stephanie said...

Do you still like "Cake Stand Blue"? We are thinking about painting our family room this color. I always chicken out and end up with some shade of white in the end.