Monday, July 2, 2007

Organized or Antiquated?

I just purchased this Rolodex the other day. My first ever. Well, I guess I had one at the ad agency I used to work for - but even then, I rarely used it, except to keep florists' numbers or my boss's Amex number (shhhh). But why do that? I have programs that can store this information alphabetically, color-coded, with notes in paragraph form if need be. And isn't this also the precise reason I bolster my email storage just so I can refer to emails sent two years ago? It's a lifesaver, that gmail.

But what do I do with all these business cards I've collected? I think I have 100 from the stationery show alone. Most I'd like to keep. I thought about getting one of those business card scanners, but those were $150 at Staples! The trusty pen on paper Rolodex was $15. So I decided to give this classic Office piece a try.

I'm a nerd aren't I?

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