Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ode to Martha Wall

Remember the obsession with Martha's paint colors? They now watch over me:

I was nervous when I started this that I was doing something really dumb. BLACK lettering on a white wall? Everyone I told about this idea (albeit one nice blogger who said the project sounded "neat") just looked at me blankly not really responding - or cheering like it was the best idea in the world, which I, of course, felt was the appropriate response.

But these poo-pooers didn't hold this girl back. And while I did feel a pang of This Better Not Look Like Shit at the beginning, it quickly vanished when I got to the end of Gingerbread Man, took a step back, and realized no one else has the words "gingerbread man" written on their wall! (perhaps there's a reason for this) But it felt freeing at the time. The black paint, the white wall, written any way I like. I really enjoyed it.

I may have to wallpaper it in a year, like I wanted to do originally, but for now, it's perfect. Just like Milk Glass Pink.


elisabeth said...

Love it.

Liz Libré said...

Thanks!! I quite like it too.

Jane said...

looks great! and fun, too.

Ryan O'Brian said...

Love it!
Love the blog, too :)
Ryan Carlton

Chelsea said...

This is so fun!