Monday, June 2, 2008

Julie Goldstein

It could not be a more beautiful day here in Brooklyn - the perfect pre-summer swelter weather. But all it has me thinking about is summer - except for the swelter part. I loooove summer. Getting outside at any chance, long lingering nights, backyard barbeques, the ocean air at the Jersey Shore - I love it. One thing I wish I could add to the list is surfing. I really want to be able to surf. I've recently picked up and am learning how to swim proper laps (more on this later) so surfing might have to wait - but I'll get there some day. In the meantime, I'm loving Julie Goldstein's surf-related artwork - especially the textile additions like 'Untitled' above - woodcut, embroidery, mixed media on wood, measuring 24" x 48". See more of Julie's fantastic work from a recent show in Rhode Island here and on her website here.

[image courtesy of Montanaro Gallery]

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