Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maine on My Mind - Again

There's a good chance we'll be taking a work trip up to Maine next month. A work trip to Maine! Dreams can come true. If you've read my blog before, you know the love I have for Maine. After the past crazy post-NSS weeks, I could use a little downtime in Maine. Even though it will technically be a work trip, I'm already making a list of places I want to go put my feet up for a day - or two. I cannot wait.

psst - Snippet & Ink is doing some really amazing party boards exclusively for frolic! Go see for yourself. This one is very Maine to me. Or at least what I want my little trip to Maine to be:)

1 comment:

erika @ urban grace said...

ahhh Maine, I was dreaming of it last week. must be the heat here in Florida making me wish for the northeast...
there's the post.
love the board, kathryn is so talented! as are you!