Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weddings All Week: More Stamp Ideas

Another great use for stamps is the return address and response envelope mail-to address. You can hire a calligrapher to do the writing or have a friend with great handwriting do it - or of course do it yourself. It's a lot of stamping and may take some practice - so make sure you have extra envelopes. This calligraphy shown above is by the very talented May Belle. But I also think hand lettering is beautiful as a stamp - even if it's not perfect perfect. To me, the more variation, the better. And I tend to think the stamping effect nearly always elevates the quality of the writing.


rifferaff said...

oooh, i really like this. i love rubber stamps anyway but something about the refined quality of the calligraphy paired with the slightly rustic stamp print is a killer combo. great idea! and cheap!

Laura said...

can you suggest a good source for having lettering made into a rubber stamp? i love this idea!

little miss said...

I adore your designs, and the thought of using stamps for invitations/envelopes/anything is absolutely genius!

Now I know you're in NYC as well, and I too am wondering where you can get lettering (or designs of my own) made into stamps. Please help!

Liz Libré said...

Thanks, Little Miss!

Rubber stamps are great! I get custom-made stamps from Stampworx2000 and all things stamp-related (pads, reinkers, etc) from The Ink Pad.

Good luck!