Monday, June 9, 2008

Weddings All Week: The Photographer

The first thing I did when we got engaged was book a photographer. Having flipped through my sister's wedding album many many times over the years with friends and family, I wanted to make sure we had something that captured the spirit of the event and our personalities for years to come. We're not big posing-for-pictures people - so it was important that our photos echoed that along with the informal setting of a summer camp wedding. Stacey Kane's photojournalism style fit perfectly.

While this style make not be for everyone, I do think, in general, more than one photographer is overkill. I've seen albums from weddings with more than one photographer, and it's hard for me to get the sense of flow or time because there are multiple angles of the same moment. That confuses me. It may seem appealing to have all angles covered, but I think if you have one good photographer, it makes more sense for the final album you come away with - one that tells a story of unfolding moments rather than just good shots.

See more of Stacey's work here.

[photos courtesy of Stacey Kane]

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julia said...

are you going to share some of your wedding pics or what?! I want to see them!