Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weddings All Week: Stamp Love

As you may know, I started Linda & Harriett as a custom hand-stamp invitation business. I worked with brides and grooms one on one to custom design a stamp (or a few stamps) and hand-stamped each piece. I now work primarily in letterpress and do the same kind of custom consultation, but I have a very special place in my heart for stamps. I love the immediacy of working with them, the effect that the rubber has on the paper, and how every stamped piece is unique. Plus, it's crazy affordable. So, if you're up for it, it's a great way to add some fun texture and color to your wedding day.

Shown above is pretty much all the supplies you'd need. The "Bloom" stamp is my own design - and one that I have translated into letterpress. The other is a stamp I bought at the Ink Pad in the city. And after trying pretty much all the stamp pads out there, Adirondack is my favorite. The re-inkers are larger than most (great for big projects) and I think their colors are top notch.

Seen here are some great ways to use stamps for your wedding. Place cards and welcome bag/gift tags. I think it looks really nice to use varying stamps and paper shapes, while keeping the color consistent. The bloom stamp is a one-time stamp piece. I think I stamped the flower petal stamp twice to take up a bit more room. And the butterfly tag is our 100% cotton tag that I stamped with our wallpaper design - love this! - which could also be used as an escort card. Using stamps is a really great way to keep wedding paper costs down - and a great way to add a handmade feel to your wedding. It may take some practice - but if you're into it - you could stamp everything from your Save the Dates and invitations to your place cards, tags, menus, table cards - even ribbon or material. I could go on and on...

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Jane said...

the bloom stamp is so pretty! it's fun watching your style evolve. we were in chicago on sunday, and the streetlights on halsted reminded me of your light/lamp invites.