Friday, February 5, 2010

From the Desk Fridays: Custom Work & Clean Up

This week (or at least part of it) was supposed to be office organization focused. But people are getting married! Lots of brides & grooms-to-be are coming to us for their save the dates and invitations - so we've had to put our office clean up mission on hold. We did get the first very important step done - the step where I have to constantly chant, "It gets worse before it gets better" - lots of editing, recycling and donating. Next step - installing shelves this weekend to better utilize our tall walls. (It might just be me, but a shelving system seems to be my golden ticket to organization.) Next week will be reorganizing our inventory, supplies and samples. And it's my goal to have a little Before & After post for next week's From the Desk Friday post. Fingers crossed!

[Above: A couple recent stationery sets. (I can't show you people's invitations just yet!) The first would be great ordered with a few different liners to mix & match. The second is a very grown up set for a male Princeton alum. Both are pretty simple - but I love them.]


Tommy said...

These are all so neat.

And I wish I were there. Cleaning and organizing are right up my alley.

Joanna said...

Personal stationary is so ladylike. I would pen more letters if I had these gorgeous designs in my life.