Monday, February 1, 2010

School Cork Boards

It had been a while since I was in a middle school when we went to see our nephew play indoor soccer out in SLC last week - so maybe I had forgotten how schools decorate their halls (oversized cork boards & paper) but I loved these simple paper borders - a little crafty & nostalgic and definitely happy. I might need to start one up at L&H.

We're rearranging our office this week and I found a cork board behind some filing cabinets - in all its naked ugliness. There's no chance it's getting hung up without some of this school house love.


Cassie said...

Ooo display boards are one of my favourite things about being a teacher! I spend probably far too long thinking and planning out my displays.
Would love to see the board when you're done

love-v said...

I highly suggest using fabric to cover the cork. In my classroom I try to use heavier weights to withhold staples and withstand 8th graders.

Tommy said...

I really like these pictures. They take me back to grade school, like, for sure. :)

Joanna said...

I remember those cork boards in elementary school. Each month was festively adorned with decorations from the seasons or the holidays celebrated in a given month: yellow leaves in September, snowflakes in January, hearts in February. I remember looking at them in wonder. To see the classroom utterly transformed month after month impressed upon me the value of staying in the moment, of enjoying how mother nature changes throughout the year.