Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Salvaged Bottle Lamps

You know when you're drawn to something so much, it almost Care Bear stares to your insides and makes you freeze? Or maybe it's that everything around you freezes & you think I could marry this. Well, I do. And it happens over a range of things - art exhibits, songs, food - and in this case, lamps. I saw these maison martin margiela salvaged bottle lamps in the most recent Remodelista newsletter, and I stopped in my tracks. And, they provided a little DIY checklist to make your own version. I must must make one of these.


Kristi said...

My parents made a lamp like that out of a champagne bottle from their wedding. It was really, really cool...until it broke :(

claire said...

I love this!

Tommy said...

Excellent idea.