Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soy Este Wallpaper

I recently came across these fun wallpapers distributed by Soy Este. I have a thing for multiples - and things removed from their original context. These are a perfect fit for me.

In real life, I would choose just one of these wallpapers for my home - to catch people by surprise & make them look twice, and not - Oh, another gum wallpaper in here, Sue. But because these fun wallpapers warrant a little fantasy-apartment decoration, I've identified rooms or uses for each of them.

I'd put this one (above) in a children's bathroom, because they should be so lucky to have a bathroom to themselves and stare at candy while they pee.

I'd put this on one wall of a game room. (You'll shoot your eye out!)

This one inside a shelving unit in a bathroom. Pretty.

I'd line my childrens drawers (or mine) with this one.

And this one for a small home office. Seeing lots of matches out like this looks to me like the matches have been freed from their tiny box coffins. So while this room may be small & full of papers with numbers & obligations, you're not locked in there.

See more wallpaper at Soy Este.


Kelly said...

GENIUS! i love this idea.


Tommy said...

So cheeky. I love it.

katy elliott said...

love these!