Friday, February 12, 2010

Bonus Post: Ralph Lauren for the US Olympics

I love sports and celebrating all things sports. So every two years, I get giddy about the Olympic games. I may not know all the athletes, or the sports for that matter, but I genuinely love & get excited about competition and the quest for that podium. One of my favorite features of the Olympics is getting to know the athletes and their stories. NBC is good at running feel-good pieces right before an athlete takes the ice or the starting line. And I'm all about it. Sure, there may be some visual fluff & voice-over melodrama, but I like knowing a bit more about where the athlete came from, how she trains and what makes her so good. It's fascinating.

And I usually don't watch morning tv shows, but I've been tuning into the Today Show to get some Olympic inside scoop this week and have been loving the official US Olympic gear that Ralph Lauren has put out for this year's games. Meredith Viera was wearing this hat this morning - so cute. And I've seen several athletes in the sweaters. Finally, the winter Olympic gear looks good. (Bye bye, berets.) Go Ralph. Go USA!

Check out the full US Olympic line by Ralph Lauren here.

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Amanda @ Bits & Pieces said...

I've never visited your blog/shop until tonight and read my way all the way through to this point. I love it and can't wait to follow your posts. Good luck with the little babe on the way!