Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hooray for the Deco File!

I have been a bookmarking machine the past couple of years - stuff like Christmas & birthday gifts, home accessories, furniture, patterns, recipes, dream vacation spots. You name it, I bookmark it. Domino has now launched a tool that allows you to do essentially the same thing, but with images. Genius! So your bookmarks become these thumbnails - much better for the visual person! It's like an online visual board. And so easy! Go check it out. If you're a bookmarker like me, you'll love it.

[My first images added to my Deco File from & my personal bookmark files]

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Tommy said...

Hey Liz! I got the latest issue in the mail yesterday, and I read a quick line about this service. It looks great! (I'm also a bookmarker.) I hope all is well with you.