Monday, August 11, 2008

Ironman in Training: Bad Knees

This is what you see when you get hurt during a beautiful ride and you're left to wait until your partner finishes the four hours your knees couldn't take you. Something is not right with my bike fitting and causing my knees to ache - badly. Oddly, running doesn't hurt them at all. It's all very strange to me having had three fittings already - and I'm frustrated. But I'm going to a tri-coach on Wednesday to try & get this settled once for all. Fingers crossed.

The above photo is the view from a park bench in Nyack, NY.


tracie said...

i don't think i've ever heard of bad 'biking' knees ... 'running' knees yes. in fact, all i need to do is look down to see those!

i hope you're feeling better and figure out what's going on! i don't want anything to stop us {i mean, you} from doing this thing! :)

how is swim going?

Anonymous said...

Cadavee will hold strong!