Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We Heart Kate's

I don't want to single out retailers for obvious reasons, and there are so very many that I love and ones that take extra special care of us, but because there's a history here, I have to say - I'm pretty proud to now be offering our custom collection in the very upscale, very paper-hip, Kate's Paperie, located right across the bridge in New York City. I remember going into Kate's for the first time about 10 years ago with my older sister and just drooling over the seemingly endless racks of paper goods. It left a huge impression on me - one that stayed with me through the years and played a big part in declaring very matter of factly in my junior year of college that I was going to design cards for a living. So, naturally, I was beyond thrilled when Kate's decided to carry our line. And then even more so when they asked us to come in to present our work to their sales staff. What a fantastic way to familiarize them with our work - how it all came to be, how we describe our aesthetic - the whole story. I was very impressed with this idea of presenting our work - and it makes me happy because it really just validates how I've felt about Kate's all along. Thanks to all the lovely women at Kate's we met this morning over bagels, muffins, D&D coffee and of course our very own L&H goodies!

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tracie said...

hey liz, thanks for the sweet sentiment! i wanted to mention also that i was IN LOVE with kate's! every time i went to ny, i had to visit *every* store. yeah, my husband loved that!

when i bought bwp and then our new space, i took my architect to ny to visit *every* kate's ... i loved how every category had it's own spot and was well accounted for.

after visiting, we decided to take the pieces i loved most about each store ... and of course, i love my end result.

although i'll never admit it if asked ... kate's is my muse. :)