Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Animal Print Shop

How great are these photos? Highly acclaimed photographer, Sharon Montrose has recently added a more affordable open edition option ($25/print) to her sought-after limited edition print collection in The Animal Print Shop. I just bought White Goose No. 4, above, for the nursery:) The Baby Porcupine was a close runner up, but I liked the softer colors of the goose, not to mention that little wobbly waddle - so cute! Check out the other gorgeous options on the site, beautifully designed by the ALSO team.


Marcy said...

I can see why you chose the goose but the baby porcupine is A-DORABLE!

Lizzy said...

there are so many cute ones ! What about a little series ?!

Tommy said...

Ridiculously cute.