Friday, August 20, 2010

From the Desk Fridays: August's Monthly Project

August's Monthly Project is here! And I love it: A Vintage Flower To/From Stamp. I knew we were going to launch the 2011 Calendar & August's monthly project at the same time, so I wanted the project to be something that would complement the calendar's reusability feature. And I thought about my old friend, the rubber stamp, that has endless uses. I also thought about how many people give our calendars as gifts. So, I decided on a to/from stamp that you can use to create your own gift tags - and specifically, using paper you often throw in the recycling bin. Of course, you can do this without a stamp, but I think the stamp bumps up the special-ness of the tag just a bit:) I hope you agree.
Check out the stamp here, as well as the just-posted 2011 Calendar!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Laura said...

what a lovely idea, the vintage flower design is beautiful!

merium said...

Tried to buy the stamp and calendar, but couldn't get past the registration page????

Tommy said...

Such an awesome idea, Liz!

Sarah Gutpa said...

So sad I missed these! What a cute stamp!