Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Dad, Griffin's Pop

If you check in here often, you may have noticed my silence over the past couple weeks. My dad has been battling lung cancer for the past nine years and recently found himself in a fight for his life. So I, along with my stepmother & siblings, went to him and was with him until the moment he passed, yesterday morning, peacefully and without suffering. I'm feeling lots of things, but perhaps more than anything at this very moment, I feel grateful for the goodbye - something I did not have with my mom 13 years ago. My heart is heavy and aches already for his company, for our pb&j lunches, for his incredible stories, but I'm comforted knowing he's not suffering anymore. That he is in a better place. And that he's with my mom once again.

I've been lucky enough to have Nicole holding down the fort here at L&H and thanks to her, we'll be having a big sale after Thanksgiving. I might choose to stay silent for just a bit longer, but because I love this blog & the relationships I've formed through it, I wanted to let you in on what's going on with me. So, for now, be well, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll be back soon.


(Above is a chalkboard drawing my nieces & nephews did for their Pop:) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


The chic & hilarious beauty buff Eva Chen has curated a sale on MYHABIT. She asked us to participate, and as a special offer, we've included a gift set that includes two notepads & three note card boxes. A $66 value for $36. (Psst, you'll also find our 2012 Letterpress Calendar on there for a mere $20.) Head on over to MYHABIT to purchase. Sale ends this Friday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

L&H in Lonny Magazine

Thank you, Lonny mag, for featuring our 2012 Watercolor Calendar in your beautiful gift guide. We're honored.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

L&H Birthday Calendar at Anthropologie

It's a very exciting thing to have interest from an Anthropologie buyer - or any buyer of a establishment where you actually shop, not to mention one you admire & feel inspired by. I remember going to the flagship store in my hometown of Philadelphia when I was in middle school and thinking, knowing, that they had the coolest stuff I'd ever seen. And I still think that. So, it's a real honor for me to now have our Birthday Calendar in Anthropologie. I just noticed that it's up online and should be in stores now, too. (Think it's time for a field trip. I mean business trip. Definitely business.) I like what they said in their description of the calendar online: "We think every day should be a celebration." You said it!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Card: Campbell Raw Press

I love this letterpress holiday card from Campbell Raw Press. The simple lines & blind letterpressed snowflakes feel so peaceful. Such a nice little reminder of what the season should bring to us all.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Lobbie

Griffin's first costume was not really suitable for the frigid weather, so we stuck our little man into this hand-me-down fleece lobster suit, complete with claw mittens. Perfectly warm & soooo snuggly.