Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Card: A Peek

A little peek here of our Christmas card. Does this wreath look familiar? After seeing Amy Merrick's gorgeous wreath creations & signing up for her class, I decided to draw a wreath based on my favorite creation of hers: the Birds Nest Wreath, and use it on our Christmas card this year. It's letterpressed in neon orange ink, which I think offers a nice color surprise, while still feeling festive.

See more of Amy's beautiful work here.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wreath-Making Class with Amy Merrick

This weekend, my great friend was back in town (hooray!) & asked if I wanted to go to a wreath-making class by Amy Merrick. I've been dying for a crafternoon (baby nesting + holidays = "dying for a crafternoon"), so I jumped at the chance. Amy makes exquisite flower arrangements & her wreaths are beautiful & perfectly wild. (See & purchase here.) She gave us a little tutorial to start, putting together greens like magic & making it look effortless. For me, it was not. I went hard out of the gates & bulked up on greens, then gradually thinned out as I went around, creating a little dieted-looking wreath on one side. But I love it! And it was so much fun getting to work with materials I never work with, hanging out with a good friend & happy people. And I now have a beautiful (and beautiful-smelling thanks to the eucalyptus) wreath hanging on our wall (above).  

Big thanks to Amy for letting us into her gorgeous studio to play with greens all afternoon! 

See more of Amy's work here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Simple & Powerful Gift of Scent

When Griffin was born, my older sister (and mother of four) flew over from London to visit us & as a gift, gave me hand soap. I thought it was a strange thing, at first. But when I started washing my hands 80 times a day (preventing germs before holding & cleaning off various baby secretions after holding) I realized that the beautiful smell of that hand soap was like a mini trip to the spa. Ok, VERY mini; maybe even a grand overstatement. But it was a welcome change of smell - one that I came to look forward to during those first blurry few weeks. (Older sisters always know!) A few months ago, I picked up this copper soap dispenser ($30) at Terrain. After being sold out this fall, they are now back in stock. Fill with your favorite smelling liquid soap & give to anyone in need of (or who would appreciate) a nice refreshing pick-me-up.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Advent Calendar Sliding Door

Tada! Our advent calendar sliding door! 

After seeing a cute & seemingly simple DIY advent calendar on the blog A Merry Mishap, I was inspired to do something similar with our new blank canvas sliding door. I painted some trees on the door in a very pale blue-gray color, picked up some clothes pins at the hardware store, some kiddo party bags at the party supply store & painted the numbers on the bags. I filled the bags with little treasures - crayons, markers, a silly straw, stickers, chapstick (remember I told you he's obsessed?) & attached the pins with heavy duty sticky tack. I eye-balled the placement (I'm too lazy for the level & ruler) so some are a little off. Adds to the charm.

And best of all, Griffin loves it! "Six!" he yelled this morning. "I want to open six!" Bag #6 had stickers in it, which he promptly peeled off & stuck on chairs, himself & Daddy. Fun for all! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Advent Calendar Time!

Growing up, we had a little wooden tree sitting on our kitchen table with a little sleigh next to it that held 24 ornaments. Each day, we'd put a little ornament on one of the pegs on the tree. We all loved the ritual of it. Which one should I pick today? the little drum? or the toy soldier? Maybe the angel? And of course, it was a good lesson in taking turns:)

Over the weekend, our good friend and oh-I-can-just-whip-that-up-in-the-shop, Mat of Bellboy New York made us a temporary sliding door for our apartment - that is of course perfect & not the slab of scrap wood I said would do. We want to separate the kitchen/living area from the bedrooms (the hopefully sleeping baby is almost here!) but we can't make up our minds about what it should look like - all wood? should it have windows? or metal? maybe all cement? Too many options when you've got handy friends! So, Mat made us a temporary all-white door that I'm going to paint (thinking a tree pattern) & add little bags like the ones above from a Merry Mishap to create a big advent calendar for Griffin. Stickers one day, chapstick (his new obsession) the next, followed by a few markers - his mind will be blown. After Dec 25, my hope is to continue painting over it & make it a rotating canvas in our home until we finally get around to the real door - which I think may take a while!

Stay tuned for some door advent calendar pics!

[Photo courtesy of A Merry Mishap]